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Precision Accountability, LLC

Exact is a product of Precision Accountability, LLC, a joint partnership formed in Washington State between Share & Care House (SCH) and Olympic Consulting Group (OCG) in 2009. OCG had been the successful bidder to build a comprehensive guardian/payee system for SCH. The cloud-based product proved to be robust and easy to use, so SCH and OCG decided to form Precision Accountability to make the product available to other guardianship and representative payee organizations.

Exact went live in 2013 and has become a standard of excellence in the industry. Subscribers across the nation depend on Exact to help guide the affairs of vulnerable individuals.

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Share & Care House (SCH)

Share & Care House’s mission is to provide quality service to individuals of any age, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Share & Care House offers programs which help increase self-esteem, enhance living skills, and increase opportunities for stable housing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Share & Care House was established in 1982 by Pastor Dr. Ken Fernandes and Betty Fernandes, MSW, to provide community enhancement services with integrity and compassion to disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. In response to requests from the community, dedicated staff and services expanded over the years to include Representative Payee, VA Legal Custodian, Certified Legal Guardianship, Trustee, Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Homeless Prevention Rental Assistance, and Supportive Housing Services.

Recognizing the need for an improved client / financial management system SCH conducted research and upon determining no available products met its needs submitted Request for Proposals (RFP) to multiple software developer agencies. SCH selected Olympic Consulting Group stating three primary goals: secure system which is user friendly and built to fit the unique needs of agencies providing these services. With these goals met, as of January 2013, SCH converted all clients into the Exact cloud-based platform. Annual contracted CPA ‘Single Audits’ and periodic county, state, and federal audits reflect Share & Care House sound financial management procedures which is made easier by utilization of Exact for all client records.

Automation has been a valuable asset enabling SCH to expand further providing services to over 4,000 individuals annually from its four offices and remote sites. Ongoing partnership with Olympic Consulting Group ensures that Exact continues to make enhancements in response to agency needs across the nation.

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Olympic Consulting Group (OCG)

OCG’s principals and senior consultants have been working together as a team since the early 1990s. Our core team came together as a group of senior independent consultants that were engaged on a leading-edge client/server development project at Weyerhaeuser Company. We quickly came to appreciate the highly effective symbiosis of our specialized skills – formalizing our relationship as a corporation in December 1996.

Throughout our history, OCG has maintained extraordinarily high standards for quality. The company has been on the crest of each new wave of technological change – cloud computing, SaaS technologies, agile development methods and architectures, web-based development, wireless technologies, and the original client/server revolution. OCG’s longevity is directly related to our high standards and open and honest communication with our clientele.

Our mission is to provide the best value to our clients by helping them to succeed in their endeavors. We believe that honesty, openness and integrity are the foundations of our success. OCG is committed to forming strong and lasting partnerships with our clients.

In all we do, we uphold our promise of experience, quality and integrity.

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